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EXIIR1Prt2 Thieves, Thugs, and Thanatoi (Unedited)
Ghastly laughs and cheers echoed across the vast courtyard as bright fireworks burst in the air, showering down sparks and stars over the long reflecting pool. Applause exploded from the gathered guests, as the brass band started to blow out a jazzy tune. Men and women took hands and stepped lightly across the courtyard and started to dance, squealing laughs and boisterous cries escaping from every mouth. Faces hidden by sneering masks, costumes in glaringly gaudy and bright colors, ruffles and tuffs and bells stitched into every seam, the Aerverington Midsummer Masquerade was something that brought together high society and depravity, the anonymity of the mask allowing every man and woman’s inner animal to be free of the day’s restraint.
Laughing the most, dancing the most, celebrating the most was the estate’s own master and host of the ball, the tall and imposing Charles Aerverington stood before his gathered host of celebrants and twirled a long bow. He wore a
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EXII Round 1: Myles Meets the Misanthropes
It was about midnight in Nothing, although one could say it was always midnight in Nothing. In one of the better neighborhoods where the chains are lighter and the locks less numerous there stood an imposing and gaudy structure built just for this occasion. Spotlights glared in front of it and a red carpet was guarded by two rather large fiends from Satan’s vast repertoire of minions, for this was, of course, the temporary home of Hell’s guests of honor. Thirty-two contestants plus all their travelling companions needed plenty of room and service throughout the tournament, and the Ritz-Beelzebub Hotel was just the place to take care of them. Now if only any of them could get some sleep....
The halls of the third floor shook with the stomping of feet and a blood-curdling scream. Doors were bashed upon and countless nights were ruined. Was this some kind of joke? Some kind of attempt to ruin the competition? Was thi
:iconjust-nith:Just-Nith 1 3
EXII Meme: Myles Daal
Youmay answer these questions with your own voice, or go the extra mile and answer them in your characters' voices. Either way, just fill it out and have fun!
1. Why not go ahead and introduce us to your character(s)? I'm sure they're interesting!
*looks around shiftily before shoving Myles onto the stage* Wait! What?, good to meet you. I'm Myles Daal, Priest of Joseri, and hopeful candidate to become Death..or a Death...I'm still getting around this multiple incarnations of Death thing...and the whole possibility of "non-believers" as its been explained to me...I think? I mean, are the Gods of your worlds just lackadaisical or something? I'm just confused over this point an- *hook pulls Myles back
behind the curtains*
2.How, uh. . . interesting! Yeah, that's the word, sure. So why do they want to be a death god? The fame, the fortune, the eternal screams of souls being torn from their fleshy homes,
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EXII Audition2:A Wanderer, A Walker, and a Way Out
The placard that hung from the building’s eaves depicted a roguish looking man wearing a gleaming crown and chained in golden links. Once, long ago, the building had been one of the most notorious places in all of Mun, the Black Gaol of Talon. Once this building had held the most dangerous prisoners in Mun, judged by the General-Lord of the Talon Fortress City. The paranoia of the military dictator was so great that many of the Fortress’ own dungeons were overflowing with political dissenters, supposed pickpockets, and real psychopaths. The Black Gaol was built out of a necessity to house the most fiendish and dangerous of inmates, those who are able to spread terror or dissent were so great that they were each held in maximum isolation. It was in this dungeon that a God was born, The King in Chains, the Thief-Lord Zazeka. It was said that as he lay rotting in isolation, chained so that he could barely move, the world’s greatest thief was left with nothing to st
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EXII Audition Part 1: The Wanderer's Path
"Ah! Very nice to meet you Sir! What an honor to meet with the High Skald's son and assured heir, I hadn't a clue that this caravan was that important."
A young man stands enveloped in blue traveling robes, his hair whipping in the spring sea breeze and his smile flashing with the expertise of a masterful merchant. He wondered if his father would be proud of that smile, the one thing other than wanderlust that he had inherited from the man. This was the first time that he had the chance to hobnob with the blue bloods and it didn't take much for him to start hamming it up.
"I was told that this was just a quick jump to Cor, a drop off of some finished product, and a pickup of materials sort of thing, that they just needed me to help map out their new route. Now I find myself escorting royalty? By Joseri's Staff, this is just quite unexpected."
The grinning fellow  that stood opposite laughed uproariously, his body shifted under excess weight that nonetheless hid both great physi
:iconjust-nith:Just-Nith 2 0
EX2 Profile: Myles Daal
Myles Daal
Age: 47
Sex: Male
Race: Human, God-Touched
Weight: Stocky in a sort of Friar Tuck meets lumberjack sort of way
Build: Somewhat on the more stocky side, most of his size is caused by his barrel chest and wide shoulders trailing down to no hips and what has been called chicken legs. He essentially is built like an inverted triangle.
Skin: Pale with a tendency to go into varying shades of pink then red as he accumulates sun rather than ever actually tanning much to his chagrin. He is somewhat worry wrinkled and is showing some of his age, with his forehead wrinkly enough that he has been compared to a bulldog on multiple occasions.
Hair: Brown with a very limited amount of natural blond caused by sun exposure and genetics, causing him to have either the dirtiest dirty blond hair every or, as he prefers to call it, golden brown. When on very long roads without much civiliz
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Free Writing: Habits
I have this habit you see, this quirk if you will, when it comes to people. I am not a very sociable person,
at least not in the standard definition. I do not generally go looking for people to talk with or be around
and those whom I do trust enough to seek the attention of are of a generally very small circle whose
branches I do not seek to affiliate with. If you are a friend of a friend then chances are you are no friend
of mine, capiche? It's not that I have anything against you, it's just that I am not going to associate with
you simply because I know people who associate with you, it's a gradual process with me and if you
really want to be my friend then you're going to have to make a little bit of extra effort. But anyways, I
wasn't meaning to get fully sidetracked there but it is another quirk of my persona, a sort of love of
tangents that makes it normally hard to communicate with all but the most patient of people. My habit
when it comes to people is I like to analyze them. No
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Morning Latte OCT D'aak by Just-Nith Morning Latte OCT D'aak :iconjust-nith:Just-Nith 25 7
Break1.2Slaughtering Shadows
Slaughtering Shadows
The gathered members of the Bythos Society stood in a semicircle around Aldrich. He had been a patron to the society for nearly seventy years, with that came a certain amount of command.
Tall, rail thin, and with hair the color of new snow, Archon Albert Witby cleared his throat before repeating himself. "Yes, we just discovered him. It would seem that Thaumaturge Nicolau died sometime during the Gala. The damage done is....well horrific. This was no ordinary murder."
The other members shifted uncomfortably and murmured agreements. All the members of the Bythos society, being the academics that they were, have dealt with ancient, strange, and even dangerous parts of the supernatural. More often than once a member of the Society has died in pursuit of knowledge, but this was far too gruesome.
A look of slight concern ran across Aldrich's face before he spoke, " A murder? What evidence do we have that this was not a spell gone awry?" A murder was all too pos
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Break1.1 The Ghastly Gala
The Ghastly Gala
A swarming mass of flesh writhed before the eyes of an old man, gibbering in a hundred tongues and frothing with a pent up madness. It was horrifying but he had gotten used to seeing this terrible thing that stood screaming at him mere meters away. Many weaker men would shrink from it and fall victim to it, but Aldrich Konig could withstand and beat away this horror. But, despite his courage and strength, it didn't mean journalists were any less awful....
Aldrich sat behind a podium set up in front of the Museum of Unnatural History's imposing marble steps. To his left sat several other businessmen and to his right were several academics who represented the Museum, before them was at least several dozen journalists screaming for the right to ask their questions.
All the old businessman saw was a swarm of rats, filthy and squeaking pointlessly, but he knew if he didn't attend to them they'd simply squeak louder until they drove him mad. With a gloved hand, Aldrich point
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The Dream Time
                                                 The Dream Time
"Da girl dat I lov'd she was han'some, I tried all I knew 'er ta please, but I coul' not please 'er one quarta' as well, as da man on da trapeze!"
The world shook and swayed, a rhythm and a rhyme all to its own and dancing to a music whose steps were constantly shifting. To dance that dangerous dance against the world was a challenge and a thrill, beautiful and horrifying, a string between life and death, literally.
Up upon the high rope, agile toes stepped rhythmically; a one two three, one two, spin, one two three. This is one of D'aak's acts, walking the tight rope to show his own death defying dances. While not as impressive of the true acrobats of the Nether City Carn
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Inebriated Escapement
                                              Inebriated Escapement
"Ah, come'yuh quickly, let us wu'k haa'd', Da grav' es not finish'd, him'own h'aa't es not yet col'!"
The skies were dark that day in Nether City, the rain pouring in a steady drizzle with the skies threatening worse. The city lights were all on, illuminating it into sections of shadow. The rain brought with it a chill that would make most mortals uncomfortable though many of the less mortal creatures might not much mind; nonetheless it was a dreary sort of day that slows down even the Nether. None of this meant that the city was dead, that was for sure. There was a faint noise that echoed through the city, it was a falsetto signing of some incomprehensible tune. Each of the bits of sin
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Wonderlust ed. D'aak
Name:  Christopher Van Landingham
Alias: Bokor D'aak
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Profession: Sideshow partner of the Lady of a Thousand Deaths, Voodoo Sorcerer
Setting: Nether City, Italy, 500 years Post Revelations Gone Wrong
Time Piece: Deadbeat Escapement
--Physical: Appearance--
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 9.7 Stone (About 135 lb)
Build/Body type: Well proportioned, highly toned body good for endurance but terrible at singular acts of strength, holds himself in a way that makes him appear to be taller than he actually is
Skin: Caucasian, fairly pale but not grossly so
Hair: Oily brown, often somewhat dirty. Shaggy but not long, often wears a beaver skin top hat
Eyes: D'aak's eyes are a venomous green that reflect no images and possess a detached emotionless gaze. Oddly enough D'aak uses his eyebrows to convey quite a bit of emotion.
Facial Details: He is long faced with high cheek bones and a hawkish nose. Additionally he possesses several ring piercing through his lips an
:iconjust-nith:Just-Nith 1 3
Panamas and Prophecies
Scrying is the simplest of all magic. Scrying is also the hardest of all magic. The suffix -mancy that so many see often simply think that it means magic. This is incorrect. This suffix stands for divination and is from which most magic one sees today started with. The first Pyromancers danced before great bonfires for the purpose of seeing a vision of the future in the flame's light. Early necromancers called up the dead not to wreak havoc, but to learn secrets from them. Augury, divination, foresight, precognition, call it what you will.
If you are prepared, Scrying is a simple ordeal. A name, some hair, even just a good enough idea can be used as a focus to find your target. However, years of paranoia have made Scrying one of the most well warded against magics you'll find. So while it might be easy to get a focus, its hard to tell what is true and what is not, with only those with the strongest talents in the field being able to get even a shimmer of clarity. Aldrich was not a spec
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Break: Seventy Years Ago
New Cartec City, to some it's a nice tourist destination for those who like Chicago but don't like the crowds. To others, its a haven, a place where the laylines intersect and long gone natives have laid their dead to rest. Think about it too hard and the idea seems silly or perhaps even a little creepy, but to many of us, its what makes this place home. But the city isn't what it used to be, once we were a respectable community, we made ourselves smart, we kept out the riff-raff, we had morals and we kept them. We no longer have that, even the older citizens seem to have lost that former connection. This is now a city run by petty practitioners, dabblers, and worst of all, hedge magicians. This is not how it used to be....
Here is a man who remembers how it was. Who? By all rights, he is New Cartec, at least so he personally felt. He has watched as witches, druids, new agers, and ill-taught illusionists have flocked into our city, keeping a sharp eye upon each. Most he could only shak
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